If you recently became engaged, then our wedding planners at Wish, Wonder, Dream would like to congratulate you. Your wedding day will truly be one of the most memorable days of your life, and it all seems to go by in such a blur. Wedding photography is so important because it captures the emotions and atmosphere unique to your big day. Wedding photographers will quietly follow you around throughout your wedding day in order to achieve the best shots of your event. Wedding photos are often framed by not only the couple but by their family members as well. Chances are, if you’ve walked into any random household, you will probably find some framed wedding photos hanging on the wall. Some of us are more comfortable than others in front of a camera, so what can you do to look great in front of the camera? We’ve provided some helpful tips:

First Look Photos

A significant amount of seasoned wedding photographers are big fans of “the first look” photos and for good reason. Traditionally, the groom doesn’t see his bride in her wedding dress until she walks down the aisle. However, in the past few years, many wedding photographers have taken photos of the groom viewing his bride for the first time before the wedding even begins. One of the reasons this is done is so that the majority of wedding photos can be taken before the wedding. This means that you can enjoy the cocktail hour following the ceremony with everyone else instead of taking pictures after the ceremony. Many couples report feeling more relaxed during the ceremony after they’ve already seen each other previously. Couples also enjoy seeing one another for the first time without having hundreds of guests watching as well.

Have A Drink

Wedding days are filled with emotion and heightened drama, so maybe you could use a drink to take off the edge. One drink could loosen you up slightly without making you silly. Don’t get carried away with the drinks, or your pictures could end up embarrassing you.

Hire A Photographer You Are Comfortable With

When you select a photographer, it’s important to choose them based on more than just their body of work. Wedding photographers will be following you around the entire wedding day, so make sure to hire a photographer that you feel comfortable around. When you hire a photographer that you genuinely like, you will look more relaxed and happier in your photos. People always look best in photos when they look relaxed and natural, so stay away from photographers that creep you out, even if their work is great.

Consider The Backdrop

The backdrop for the wedding ceremony needs to be stellar because it will be featured in plenty of pictures. Our wedding planners at Wish, Wonder, Dream can help you design the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and tend to any other details in which you need assistance. Our experienced wedding coordinators have a passion for planning weddings, so we would love to help you create your big day! Contact our wedding consultants today to get started.