Is your wedding day approaching? As a bride, your big day could fly by with all kinds of unexpected mishaps. No matter what, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time, but you need to be prepared for any unexpected situations. Creating your own wedding day survival kit could be the best move you ever made. What items do you need to pack in your kit?


Throughout the day, your makeup could start to fade, especially if it’s hot outside. You’ll need to keep your makeup bag packed with all your essentials. Keep in mind that the waterworks are likely to be flowing on this day, so make sure to pack waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid any dreaded black watermarks on your face.

Blotting Papers

You don’t want your face to look shiny in your wedding photos, so be sure to pack some blotting papers in your makeup bag to keep oil at bay.


Most of us sweat when we feel nervous, and you’re exchanging emotionally-charged vows in front of a crowd of people, which will probably cause you to break a sweat. Make sure to pack a stick of deodorant, and you might even consider using a clinical-strength deodorant and antiperspirant that day to stay as dry as possible.

Dental Products

You’ll need to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash to take care of any dental mishaps. Sure, packing floss may seem like a bit much, but you could live to regret it if you make a speech with spinach in your teeth. Mouthwash will keep your breath nice and fresh as well.

Hair Essentials

Keep your hair looking nice throughout the entire day by packing hairpins, combs and hairbrushes. You’ll also need some hair powder to keep your roots clean and hairspray to avoid flyaways. If your hair will be curled, make sure to keep a curling iron or wand closeby to make any necessary touch-ups if needed.

Clothing Items

It’s a good idea to have a sewing kit on hand in case something happens to your dress. Be sure to hold onto stain remover as guests will be drinking red wine. If the bottom of your shoes are slippery, you’ll want to apply some non-stick pads to them. Face plants are never welcome, especially on your wedding day. It’s also a good idea to wear shoe pads that prevent blisters on your feet as well so you avoid limping throughout your entire honeymoon.

Granola Bar

In all the hustle and bustle of your big day, you could forget to eat. Make sure you have a granola bar and other snacks nearby to keep your energy levels up all day long.


Keep some over-the-counter pain reliever close by in case you experience a headache. If your wedding is outside, you may want to keep some allergy medication and eye drops on hand as well.

With these items, you should be able to navigate all kinds of tricky situations, although we have no tools for dealing with your mother-in-law. Our Pasadena wedding planners work hard to prevent as many mishaps as possible so you can enjoy your big day. Let us take care of the details at Wish Wonder Dream so you can focus on the excitement of marrying your favorite person in the world. Contact our wedding coordinators today to get started.