As your wedding approaches, you and your partner are most likely hyper-focused on pulling the entire event together. It seems as if you have a thousand different details to attend to. Of course, your wedding day is most likely one of the most momentous days of your life, so it’s only natural to put a lot of effort into planning it.

However, it’s important not to lose sight of the reason for this big day; you’re getting married. So far, you’ve survived the awkward courtship phase and moved past the early relationship stage when your partner can do no wrong. You’re both in this together for the long haul, which requires effort and work from both parties.

Quite often, couples undergo counseling sessions together to identify any issues and strengthen the fiber of the relationship. Even if you don’t attend premarital counseling sessions together, you can take away some very important lessons commonly discussed inside the counselor’s office.

Do You Have Any Triggers?

Because you are human, certain actions could trigger something deep inside of you and automatically push your buttons. When you feel triggered, your emotional response is uncontrollable. Both you and your fiance have triggers, and it’s important to understand what specific words or actions cause them.

Emotional triggers grow out of past experiences that could go as far back as your childhood. It’s possible to have a variety of different triggers that automatically cause you to feel disrespected, sad, or angry. By learning about your partner’s triggers, you can avoid unintentionally unleashing them and starting a major conflict.

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Simply put, a relationship most likely cannot survive without the establishment of healthy boundaries. Creating boundaries is a bit complex; not only do you need to voice your opinions, you need to express them in a calm, rational manner. One of the easiest and most effective ways to establish boundaries is to make a simple request when you’re not feeling angry or upset.

Relationships without conflict simply do not exist. However, if both of you understand your boundaries, you will experience fewer conflicts and have the tools you need to work through disagreements together calmly.

What Fears Do You Have?

When it comes to relationships, we all encounter certain fears we need to work through. Some common fears include fear of abandonment or the fear of repeating dysfunctional patterns you witnessed during your childhood.

If you grew up in a chaotic household or a home where emotions simply were not expressed, you could have some issues to work through. By identifying certain patterns and behaviors, you don’t have to repeat the mistakes you observed growing up.

If you and your partner ponder these three points, you could build an even stronger relationship. You can plan the wedding of your dreams while working on your relationship. Hire our Pasadena wedding planners to take care of as many details as you would like for your wedding. Whether you need someone to take over some of the smaller details or you would like to leave the majority of wedding planning to someone else, contact Wish Wonder Dream today to get started.