In weddings, so much of the focus is on the bride and her gown, but what about the groom? If you’re getting married, you want to appear as dapper as possible, which could be a challenge for you. If you already give little consideration to your everyday outfits, you may have no idea what rules to follow when choosing your groom attire. Rest easy, we’ve compiled a list of helpful guidelines for future grooms:

Proper Attire

Different types of weddings call for different types of groom attire. For instance, if your nuptials will take place in a casual beach setting, you won’t need to wear a tuxedo. Not only would you be burning up in a penguin suit, you’ll also look completely out of place. In this case, you could wear a linen suit or even khakis and a button-down shirt.

However, if you are getting married in a more formal evening setting, tuxedos are totally the way to go. With the right tuxedo, you could look as debonnaire as Don Draper.

Renting Vs. Buying

If you need a suit for your pending nuptials, you may be wondering if you should rent it or buy it. If you will most likely only wear a tuxedo once in your life on your wedding day, renting is the best option for you.

Do you plan to wear your suit several times? In this case, buying a suit makes more sense because you will get your money’s worth when you wear it multiple times. If you want to wear a suit that’s truly unique, you’ll also want to buy it as rental tuxedos veer on the more traditional side.

If the Suit Fits

Whether you decide to rent or buy your suit, it needs to fit you to a T, which means you’ll have to enlist the services of a tailor. The most well-made suit can look absolutely terrible if it doesn’t fit properly. Don’t you want wedding guests to do double-takes when you walk by because you look so handsome? Of course you do. Here are some tips for a well-fitting suit:

• Collar: The collar should lay flat against your neck with no visible gaps or bulges.

• Jacket Hem: The bottom hem of your jacket should cover your entire backside and the vent should remain closed. If it pulls open, your tailor will have to loosen it.

• Pants: You’ll be moving around quite a bit, so make sure your pants feel comfortable while standing, sitting and walking. They also need to cover a small portion of the tops of your shoes.


For the highest visual impact (the most double-takes possible), make sure to coordinate your suit to the groomsmen’s attire. Even if you don’t want to completely match, you could all tie your look together with matching ties, cufflinks or boutonnieres.


If you want to have a little extra fun with your wedding attire, consider wearing a fun pair of socks. Wear your favorite color and consider providing your groomsmen with the same socks as well.

These tips should help you find the perfect wedding attire, but you’ll still need help planning it. Hire our Pasadena wedding coordinators today at Wish Wonder Dream for the ultimate wedding. With years of experience and a passion for planning weddings, we can help make your big day run as smoothly as possible.