Beyond various graduations and perhaps childbirth itself, a wedding is typically one of the biggest and most important events – if not the most important event – of anyone’s life. Due to the significance of weddings, these events tend to involve a great deal of people including extended family, friends, neighbors, and so forth. Can you successfully plan for the big day, making everything go without a hitch? If you ask us, the only thing that should be hitched is the bride and groom.

Taking The Uncertainty Out Of Wedding Planning

Fortunately, with our Pasadena wedding planner services at Wish, Wonder, Dream, we take all of the worry out of planning for and executing your big day. Really, as the bride and groom, you have more than enough to be occupied with, and it just makes sense to let the wedding professionals take the reigns. Below, our luxury wedding planners in Pasadena are going to identify a few common wedding planning mistakes that couples tend to make. To avoid these mistakes, the solution is simple: hire the professionals! Learn more about our services today.

Making Plans Before Setting a Budget

It’s easy to get swept away and fantasize about an elaborate, fancy wedding, but the only person sweeping you off your feet should be your significant other. Picking out a wedding dress or booking a wedding venue prior to establishing clear financial parameters is a lot like shopping for something without even glancing at the price tag. Can you or your family really afford your ideal wedding? While no-expense-spared weddings aren’t uncommon, don’t make a reservation or book something without making sure that it’s within a realistic budget.

Inviting Too Many Guests

While some people prefer a smaller and intimate wedding with close friends and family, others invite just about everyone they know. While the sentiment is nice, it might not be realistic to pack your wedding with so many guests. After all, you probably want your wedding to be more along the lines of chic and elegant, not feeling like a crowded elevator for your guests. There should be a clear understanding of how many attendees can comfortably fit inside (or outside) your venue prior to sending out those well-designed invitations.


It’s wise to plan ahead and make your itinerary clear to your guests, but going crazy and plotting out bathroom breaks and second-by-second conversational topics is too much. Ideally, you want your guests to feel relaxed, and as seemingly impossible as it sounds, they want you to feel relaxed, too! Accept that your big day might not go 100 percent according to plan and that mistakes do happen. Try your best to “go with the flow”, take mental pictures, and enjoy your special evening. This way, you, your partner, and your guests will have a better time. It’s a celebration of love and lifelong commitment, so celebrate it!

Leave The Work To Our Wedding Planners In Pasadena

Wedding preparation is no easy feat, but that’s why the wedding planning experts at Wish, Wonder, Dream are here to help you smoothly pull off your big day. Curious about taking the next step to hire a wedding consultant in Pasadena? We’d love to help you! Get in touch with us today, or feel free to read from some of our happy couples!

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