Just like your romance, your upcoming wedding can be a whirlwind experience. Your todo list may seem never ending. Perhaps you’ve come to realize that the dress you bought is all wrong for you and now you’re rushing to replace it at the last minute. Maybe your bridesmaid lineup is changing as you’ve made some new friends that you want to be included in the experience. With so many tasks on your plate, are you taking care of yourself? Here are some tips to help manage the stress of wedding planning and to take care of you:


That sounds so basic, right? Unfortunately, many future brides skip lunch to run errands related to their weddings. Hanger and wedding planning are a terrible combination (hello, Bridezilla). Don’t burn your bridges because you’re tired and hungry; eat a solid, healthy meal. Remember, a granola bar or fast food don’t count because they’ll only make you feel worse. It’s far too common for future brides to crash diet before their wedding, which is a bad idea on so many levels. Not only will you feel terrible and temperamental, but your wedding dress may not fit correctly on your big day. Keep in mind that wedding dresses are tailor-made for a reason, which is to look as flattering as possible on your body. As long as you buy a dress that complements your shape and size, you will look amazing, so don’t worry about losing weight.


In addition to eating well, make sure to exercise, preferably outside. Not only will exercise help you sleep, but it releases those feel-good endorphins that you may have been missing out on as you decide on catering options and whatnot. Exercise provides excellent stress relief, even if you’re just going on a walk.


You might be thinking that this is a no-brainer, but quite a few brides have lost out on sleep tying together last-minute details for their upcoming wedding. Ask yourself if some of the tasks can wait until tomorrow or if you can delegate some of the tasks to other people. Remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself. This could be a particularly difficult concept for those of you who consider yourself to be a control freak. Do you find yourself sitting in bed working on wedding planning details on your laptop or tablet before bed? You are actually disrupting your sleep cycle because the blue light from the screen stimulates your brain. You are also more likely to keep yourself awake running through your todo list because you didn’t take the time to relax an hour before bedtime.

Hire Our Pasadena Wedding Planners

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