Here at Wish Wonder Dream, our wedding coordinators in Southern California usually start things off by saying, congratulations! Whether you’re the proposer or you’ve been proposed to, what’s important is that you’re entering a lifelong commitment and profession of love with your partner. Though we’ve been involved in planning our fair share of weddings here in Los Angeles, we also haven’t lost our love for…well, your love!

Wedding Preparation In Southern California Made Easy

With the big day months down the road, it’s easy to think, “I’m probably in good enough shape as it is right now; I don’t really need to trip up and slim down for my wedding.” To be frank, while your life might seem like it’s too busy to fit in any time at the gym, that’s some dangerous self-affirming rhetoric at play right there. While not everyone needs to hit the treadmill before getting married, many people do. Why? In short, this is a one-time life event (ideally, of course) and it pays to look back at your wedding photos, years later, and think “Wow, we look good.”

So, our bridal planner experts in Newport Beach are going to briefly cover a few tips to shape up, look your best, and feel your most confident on the day of your wedding. To us at Wish Wonder Dream, every new couple deserves this. Learn more about wedding event management and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Start Early

Why not? Use the momentum of your romantic infatuation and get moving while there’s still ample time before your wedding. Steer clear of crash diets and rapid weight loss fads, and instead, progressively build your fitness over the course of several months. By making healthy lifestyle changes (if necessary) right as soon as you set a date for the wedding, or even beforehand, you’re bound to look flat-out amazing in those photos.

Consider The Dress

For all of you brides-to-be, think about what kind of dress you’d like to wear and how you body might change from deciding on a particular dress to the actual date of the wedding. While we’re sure that you’ve given this quite a bit of thought already, remember that you’ll want the dress to fit perfectly. Make sure to give yourself some leeway in this respect, and even re-try on your wedding dress every few weeks to see if the fit has changed.

Your Workout Partner

Couples that exercise together, stay together. You’ve recently committed to your partner for life, so why not hit the gym with them? Working out with someone you love and care about is inherently motivating, and it’s cool to track your progress together from your engagement to the wedding date. Join a class at a local gym or just throw on those sneakers and get outside together!

Let Our Southern California Wedding Coordinator Experts Help Out

Let’s be honest: you and your significant other probably have enough on your collective plate right now. Trimming up before the big date is one thing, but there are many things that go into successful wedding preparation. From your bridal planner and wedding planner organizer to wedding event management, Wish Wonder Dream is here to make your wedding a memorable and successful one. Get started today!

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