When planning a wedding, you’ll have to consider who you want in your bridal party. Are you coordinating a more traditional wedding or an unconventional wedding? You may be wondering if you even need a bridal party.

This is your big day, so the world is your oyster. As far as your bridal party goes, you have many options. Here are some aspects to weigh when choosing your bridesmaids:


Do you want a larger bridal party or would you prefer to have a small group of close friends by your side? If you’re having a small, intimate gathering, you may not even need a bridal party. For those of you with a larger family and a ton of friends, you may want to have a larger group of bridesmaids. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the wedding, the smaller your bridal party should be, but feel free to choose as many people as you want.

Family Members

Some brides like to add family members or future sisters-in-law too their bridal party. Of course, this could result in a sticky situation for anyone with a large family. How do you invite some of your cousins to be bridesmaids while excluding others? Ultimately, you’ll have to make this call.


Just because you have a ton of girlfriends doesn’t mean they all have to be a part of your bridal party. In fact, some of your more introverted friends may prefer not to be in the spotlight on your big day. If you have any friends with a penchant for stirring up drama, they should not be a part of your wedding party.

Choose your most helpful, laid-back friends to surround you on your wedding day. You want your most reliable friends to help you with any unexpected occurrences that happen on your big day (trust us, anything’s bound to happen).


Who said that only women could be included in your bridal party? If you have male friends or are close to your brother, there’s no reason they can’t be in your bridal party. The same goes for the groom party. If your future husband has any sisters or female friends he wants to include, anything goes.

Two Maids of Honor

What do you do if you have two very close friends and you can’t decide which one should be your maid of honor? Why not have two maids of honor (or men of honor if you choose)? Two heads are better than one, so they can work together to help you out and plan your bridal shower and bachelorette parties.

Uneven Numbers

What if your groom has a bigger party than you do? Does that mean you have to add more people to your bridal party even if you don’t want to? No. If your lineup isn’t totally symmetrical, who cares? You’ll still have a wonderful day, no matter what, so pick only people you really want to be in your bridal party.

Different brides have different preferences as far as bridesmaids go, so hopefully these tips help you select the right ones, if you have any at all. If you need help with wedding planning, consider hiring our wedding coordinators in Pasadena. Whether you need someone to completely take over your planning or simply need a wedding consultant to hash out a few details, we are happy to assist you. Contact Wish Wonder Dream today to get started.